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10 Baseball Trivia Questions – Fill in the Blank

Who am I? 10 Baseball Trivia Questions

  1. He threw his first no-hitter in 1996 the night before his dad had open-heart surgery.     _______________
  2. He was the first Baltimore Oriole to be named American League MVP _______________
  3. Cleveland Indians slugger nixed a five-year, $43-million contract offer in 1996      _______________
  4. Atlanta Braves slugger fans call “Crime Dog”       _______________
  5. Threw six wild pitches in one 1979 game         _______________
  6. His single-season strikeout record Nolan Ryan beat by one       _______________
  7. Joe DiMaggio was nearly traded to the Red Sox in 1949 for who  _______________
  8. This player hit 2 grand slams in consecutive at bats in 1970 and never hit another one again in his career        _______________
  9. When asked if he’d seen Dr. Zhivago (a movie), he said: “No I feel I feel fine”_______________
  10. He and Vince Coleman led the National League in stolen bases every year from 1981 to 1990     _______________

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  1. Dwight gooden
  2. Brooks Robinson
  3. Albert Belle
  4. Fred McGriff
  5. Phil Neikro
  6. Sandy Koufax
  7. Ted Williams
  8. Frank Robinson
  9. Yogi Berra
  10. Tim Raines


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