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Over 100 Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

A full list of over 100 Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers (126 and counting). Easily print and share with baseball friends!

  1. Q: What former Giants star is the godfather of Barry Bonds?
    A:  Willie Mays.
  2. Q:  What establishments were 90 percent of the viewers watching the first televised World Series from?
    A:  Bars.

3. Q: What governor was on hand at home plate to greet Hank Aaron when he broke Babes Ruth’s home run record?
A:  Jimmy Carter.

  1. Q:  What’s the most home runs hit by one player in a single major league game?
    A:  Four.

5 Q: What Beantowner is second only to Pete Rose in total major league baseball games played?
A:  Carl Yastrzemski.

  1. Q: What major league baseball team did the Walt Disney Company assume operational control of in 1996?
    A: The California Angels.
  1. Q: What major league baseball team has fans dubbed “Cheese Heads”?
    A:  The Milwaukee Brewers.
  1. Q: What hide was first used to cover baseballs in 1975?
    A: Cowhide
  1. Q:  What Pittsburgh Pirate had exactly 3,000 career hits before dying in a plane crash?

A:  Roberto Clemente.

  1. Q: What did Babe Ruth, Rogers, Hornsby, Ted Williams and Willie Mays all do in their first major league at-bats?
    A:  Strike out.


Q: Brooks Robinson and Carl Yastrzemski hold the major league baseball record for playing the greatest number of seasons with the same team.  How many years did they play; 15,18,23,26?
A: 23 years.

Q: Who was the first athlete to hit a major league home run and make a professional football touchdown in the same week in 1917?
A: Jim Thorpe

Q: Who was the second athlete to hit major league home run and make a touchdown this time in 1989?

A: Deion Sanders

Q: Name the only Major League Baseball teams whose team name does not end with an ‘s’.

A: Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox

Q: What is the distance between bases on a little league baseball field?
A: 60 feet.

Q: What song do baseball fans break into when Mitch Williams steps out of the bullpen?
A: Wild Thing

Q: Whose 1996 single to center, in his first regular season at-bat, was the first hit by a Red Sox pitcher in 24 years?
A: Roger Clemens.

Q: Who was the American League base-stealing champ for nine years in the 1980s?
A: Rickey Henderson

Q: Who was the winningest active major league baseball manage before he retired in 1996?
A: Tommy Lasorda.

Q: Which finger on a pitcher’s throwing hand controls a curve ball and slider?
A: The middle.

Q: What former Negro League player is the only pitcher in the Hall of Fame with a losing major league record?
A: Satchel Page

Q: Who was the only pitcher to lead the National League in strikeouts three times during the 1980s?
A: Steve Carlton

Q: What clan consisting of Ray, Bob and Bret became the first three-generation family to play major league baseball?
A: The Boone Family.

Q:  Who set a major league record for the fewest errors by a shortstop, with three in 1990?
A: Cal Ripkin Jr.

Q: Who was the only major leaguer to play at least 500 games with each of four teams – Houston, Montréal, New York and Detroit?
A: Rusty Staub

Q:  Which two cities have ballparks honoring Number 44 above the outfield fence?
A:  Atlanta and Milwaukee.

Q:  Who returned from a stint in Japan to pound 51 home runs in 1990?
A: Cecil Fielder

Q: Who was the only baseballer to lay over 500 games at each of five different positions?
A: Pete Rose.

Q: What former Yankee southpaw explained how to doctor a baseball in the 1977 article “Confessions of a Gunkball Artist”?
A: Whitey Ford

Q: Who has the most wins in Dodgers history– Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax or Don Sutton?
A: Don Sutton.

Q: Who led the National League in ERA in each of his last five seasons, ending in 1966?
A: Sandy Koufax.

Q:  What two Yankees were nearly traded to Milwaukee for pitcher Warren Spahn and slugger Hank Aaron in 1960?
A: Whity Ford and Mickey Mantle.

Q: What late, great Dodgers pitcher was known to fans as “Double D”?
A:  Don Drysdale.

Q: What pitch does a batter face when Dwight Gooden throws his “yacker”?
A: A curve ball.

Q: What 50-year old minor league pitcher did 57,000 fans crowd the Orange Bowl to watch in 1956?
A: Satchel Page.

Q: What Nicaraguan-born baseballer was known as “Arriba!” to adoring Latin fans?
A:  Roberto Clemente.

Q:  What commissioner of baseball was named after a Civil War battle fought in Georgia?
A:  Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Q:  What homer hitter is known as “The Big Hurt”?
A: Frank Thomas.

Q: Who was the last graduate of the Negro Leagues to retire from major league baseball?
A: Hank Aaron.

Q: What 1995 World Series teams were both picketed by the American Indian Movement?
A: The Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians.

Q: How many home run titles did Roger Maris win?
A: One

Q: What catcher replaced Mel Allen as TV announcer for the Yankees in 1964?
A: Joe Garagiola.

Q: What two players are tied for second behind Ty Cobb in total career runs?
A: Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.

Q: What slugger did Boston name its third harbor tunnel after?
A: Ted Williams.

Q: What moniker did relief pitcher Jeff Reardon share with an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?
A:  The Terminator.

Q: What punctuation mark did baseball clown Max Patkin wear on the back of his jersey?
A: “?”.

Q: Whose record of 59 did Babe Ruth break when he hit 60 homers in one season?
A: Babe Ruth’s.

Q: What National League ballpark is known as the “Friendly Confines”?
A: Wrigley Field.

Q: What strikeout artist is nicknamed “The Big Unit”?
A: Randy Johnson.

Q: Who was Joe DiMaggio nearly traded to the Red Sox for in 1976?
A: Ted Williams.

Q: What two Players led the National League in stolen bases every year from 1981 to 1990?
A: Vince Coleman and Tim Raines.

Q:  What left-handed baseball legend’s statue in Baltimore mistakenly depicted him with a right-handed fielder’s glove?
A: Babe Ruth’s.

Q: What does Yogi Berra advise you to do when you come to a fork in the road?
A: Take it.

Q:  What was installed in front of major league baseball fences in 1950?
A: A warning track.

Q:  Whose number 4 was the first number ever retired in major league baseball, in 1939?
A: Lou Gerhig’s.

Q: How many career grand slams did Frank Robinson swat besides the two he hit in consecutive at bats in 1970?
A: Zero.

Q: What baseball team retired the jerseys of Ken Boyer, Lou Brock and Dizzy Dean?
A: The Saint Louis Cardinals.

Q: What sports figure, when asked if he’d seen Dr. Zhivago, allegedly said: “No I feel fine”?
A: Yogi Berra.

Q: What former L.A. Dodgers southpaw autographed yarmulkes that fetched $75 each in 1995?
A: Sandy Koufax.

Q:  Whose single-season strikeout record did Nolan Ryan beat by one?
A: Sandy Koufax’s

Q: What 1995 change to Kansas City’s stadium “smells like baseball” to Cal Ripken?
A: Natural grass.

Q: Who did the Boston Bruins lose 18 straight playoff series to, form 1946 to 1987?
A: The Montreal Canadians.

Q: What did Phil Niekro throw six times in one 1979 game, including four in one inning, typing per game and per inning records?
A: Wild pitches.

Q: Who was baseball’s acting commissioner during the infamous 1994-95 strike?
A: Bud Selig.

Q:  What Baltimore hurler claimed the only thing manager Earl Weaver knew about pitching was that “he couldn’t hit it”?
A: Jim Palmer.

Q:  What Yankee pitcher threw his first no-hitter the night before hid dad had open-heart surgery, in 1996?
A:  Dwight Gooden.

Q: What relief pitcher was nicknamed for the pet he kept while playing for the Pirates?
A: “Goose” Gossage.

Q: What major league baseball team started playing in Coors Stadium in 1995?
A:  The Colorado Rockies.

Q: Who was the first Baltimore Oriole to be named American League MVP?
A: Brooks Robinson.

Q:  What Atlanta Braves slugger do fans call “Crime Dog”?
A: Fred McGriff.

Q:  What base did Babe Ruth touch for luck while running form the outfield between innings?
A:  Second base.

Q: What Negro League home run king died less than three months before Jack?
A: Josh Gibson.

Q: What Cleveland Indians slugger nixed a five-year, $43-million contract offer in 1996?
A: Albert Belle.

Q: What pitcher has the most World Series victories?
A: Whitey Ford with 10

Q: Who had the biggest drop in batting average from one season to the next?
A: Norm Cash of the Tigers batted .361 in 1961 and .243 the next year.

Q: What were the only two brothers to win the Cy Young Award
A: Jim Perry with the Twins,in 1970 and Gaylord Perry with the Indians in 1972.

Q: Who is the only pitcher with over 3,000 strikeouts and fewer than 1,000 walks?
A: Ferguson Jenkins

Q: Which pitcher has the most wins without ever appearing in a World Series?
A: Phil Niekro with 318 wins.

Q: Who is the only pitcher to win the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and MVP?
A: Don Newcombe of the Dodgers

Q: Who had the most hits in the 1990’s?
A: Mark Grace of the Cubs

Q: Who is the only pitcher to win the MVP two years in a row?
A: Hal Newhouser of the Tigers in 1944-45

Q: Who is the only pitcher to win six Cy Young Awards?
A: Roger Clemens

Q: What pitcher has won the ERA title the most times?
A: Lefty Grove with 9

Who has allowed the most walks in their career?
A: Nolan Ryan with 2,795.

Q: Who has the most career home runs without ever being in a World Series?
A: Ernie Banks, with 512 Home runs.

Q: What father-and-son combo has the most career home runs?
A: Bobby and Barry Bonds, with 332 for Bobby and 650 and counting for Barry.

Q: Who was the first National Leaguer to hit 50 home runs in two consecutive seasons?
A: Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa both did it in 1998-1999

Q: What was Babe Ruth’s lifetime batting average?
A: .342

Q: Who is the only person to win the batting title in his first two full major league seasons?
A: Tony Oliva of the Twins in 1964 and 1965

Q: Who is the only pitcher to save three consecutive All Star games?
A: Dennis Eckersley, 1989-91

Q: Who hit into the most double plays in their career?
A: Hank Aaron, with 328.

Q: Whose ceremonial pitch to open the 1940 baseball season smashed into the camera lens of a Washington Post photographer?
A: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s.

Q: Who homered in his third straight game on the day he beat Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games?
A: Cal Ripken Jr.

Q: What two Yankees did 17-year-old female Jackie Mitchell strike out successively in 1931?
A: Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Q: What slow-footed catcher admitted he used to knock his hat off while running to first base to make it appear he was “really moving”?
A: Bob Uecker.

Q: What pitcher was taken out of his major league debut in the seventh inning for a pinch hitter named Duffy Lewis, in 1914?
A: Babe Ruth.

Q: What did Chris Sabo shower the field with when his bat broke in a July 31,1996 game?
A: Cork.

Q: Whose record did Reggie Jackson tie when he spanked three home runs in a World Series game?
A: Babe Ruth’s.

Q: What major league baseball team is sometimes dubbed “The Fish”?
A: The Florida Marlins.

Q:  What American League baseball team plays home games in a stadium nicknamed ” the Big A”?
A:   The California Angels.

Q: What National Leaguer went longest between MVP seasons, winning in 1954 and 1965?
A: Willie Mays.

Q:  How many intentional walks did Roger Maris, batting ahead of  Micky Mantle, get in his 61 home run season in 1961?
A:  Zero.

Q:  What Cy Young Award winner continued to hurl for a prison team called the Detroit Dennys?
A: Denny McLain.

Q: What catcher, asked during spring training what his hat size was, answered: “I don’t know. I’m not in shape yet”?
A: Yogi Berra.

Q: Who was the National League home run king in half the seeasons of the 1980’s?
A: Mike Schmidt.

Q: What Phillies slugger, upon seeing Lake Michigan for the firs time, asked: “What ocean is that”?
A: John Kruk

Q: What Yankees manager explained: “In a short series good itching will always beat good hitting — and vice versa”?
A: Casey Stengel.

Q:  Who’s major league baseball’s career leader in total bases?
A:  Hank Aaron.

Q: Who signed with the Yankees in 1980 for over twice the amount George Steinbrenner paid for the franchise?
A: Dave Winfield.

Q: What high-living Yankee slugger’s roommate noted: “I don’t room with him. I room with his suitcase”?
A: Babe Ruth’s.

Q: What slugger received 900,000 letters in the first six months of 1974?
A: Hank Aaron.

Q: What major league baseball team had an Internet home page in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin in 1996?
A: The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Q:  What baseball team has lost the World Series a record 12 times?
A: The Dodgers.

Q:  Who has the best won-lost percentage of any pitcher with 15 or more wins against the New York Yankees?
A: Babe Ruth.

Q: Who was pitching when pitcher Joe Niekro smacked his only homer, in 1976?
A:  Phil Niekro.

Q: What 60 year old gave up one hit in three innings of work against the Red Sox in 1965?
A: Satchel Paige.

Q: What pitcher set a record in 1977 for most walks in a post World War II season, with 201?
A: Nolan Ryan.


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