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Awesome Baseball Quotes Showing the Historical Respect for Fellow Ballplayers

Baseball players have a long history of sharing insightful quotes that transcend the game of baseball, showing a respect for other players throughout the history of the game. Below are some of the most popular and respectful quotes by baseball players. Think we missed some? Share your favorite in the comments!

“Maybe they should see if his body is corked.” – Howard ‘Hojo’ Johnson (NY Mets), on Bo Jackson, from Sports Illustrated, October 19, 1986

“When he took BP everybody would kind of stop what they were doing and watch.” – Jim Kaat, former pitcher, on Mickey Mantle

“I played with him for nine years and marveled at how hard he hit and how fast he ran. How can anyone ever forget the catch he made on Gil Hodges’ line drive to save Don Larsen’s perfect game?” – Tony Kubek, former shortstop, on Mickey Mantle

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson

“Having Willie Stargell on your ball club is like having a diamond ring on your finger.” Chuck Tanner

“It was his solemn duty to catch a ball that wasn’t in the stands.” – Monte Irvin (Newark Eagles OF, May 6, 1981), on Willie Mays “Ted Williams was the greatest hitter I ever saw, but (Joe) DiMaggio was the greatest all around player.” Bob Feller

“No one hit home runs the way Babe (Ruth) did. They were something special. They were like homing pigeons. The ball would leave the bat, pause briefly, suddenly gain its bearings, then take off for the stands.” Lefty Gomez

“When Neil Armstong first set foot on the moon, he and all the space scientists were puzzled by an unidentifiable white object. I knew immediately what it was. That was a home run ball hit off me in 1933 by Jimmie Foxx.” Lefty Gomez

“Every time Johnny Bench throws, everybody in baseball drools.” – Harry Dalton “He (Babe Ruth) hits a ball harder and further than any man I ever saw.” – Bill Dickey

“He (Lou Gehrig) just went out and did his job every day.” Bill Dickey

“He gets better every year, that’s what’s remarkable about him. Some guys are good and stay good. Some guys are good and get better. He reminds me of Kareem. Hubie Brown said that Kareem worked at the beginning of every season to improve some facet of his game. It’s that way with the best, whatever the profession. That’s the way this kid is.” Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes – Talking about Derek Jeter

“I think he was one of the greatest third basemen of all time. He had one of the sweetest swings I ever saw.” – Teammate Johnny Logan – Referring to Eddie Mathews

“How good was Stan Musial? He was good enough to take your breath away.” – (1989)Vin Scully

“When he (Maury Wills) runs, it’s all downhill.” Vin Scully

Reading what these historical baseball players, manager and journalists said about other players is truly revealing of the shared respect in the game of baseball.

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