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Why are you searching for baseball trivia?

In building this website, I find myself guessing why people search the term ‘baseball trivia’?

Trivia, by definition, are unimportant facts. Yet, I feel baseball has the strongest set of fans that love learning more trivial facts relating to America’s past time.

Baseball trivia is particularly interesting in relation to the sport’s deep history. There have been so many heroic events to highlight in baseball’s history which spans over 100 years. Weather it be Babe Ruth’s historic 60 home run season, Carlton Fisk waiving fair his 12th inning game winning home run in game 6 of the 1975 world series, or Cal Ripken, Jr.’s record breaking 2,131st consecutive game played, breaking Lou Gehrig’s record.

The other intriguing use of baseball trivia is baseball’s deeper focus on stats, more so than any other major sport. Who had the most home runs in the 1980s? Who stole a record 130 bases in 1982? Statistics drive intriguing and challenging baseball trivia questions and quizzes, making baseball trivia a truly unique topic.

Lastly, like most trivia quizzes and questions, I think people search baseball trivia because they want to challenge their level of baseball enthusiast. Baseball fans know the game. They have deeper passion than every sport in America’s history.

So I through the question back at the fans. Why do you search for baseball trivia?

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