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Tim Tebow: Go for it, or out of his mind? – Guest Post by Scott Graison

This guest post was submitted by Scott Graison |



Let me start by saying I love Tim Tebow.  As a former Gator, he brought fans like me so much joy with what he did on the field and the way he carried himself.
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He was a true champion and one of the best players in the history of the college game.  However, that’s where it ended with his star-studded football career. Yes, he won a playoff game with the Broncos, but he never came close to being an extremely viable QB at the pro level.  And he was given several chances to earn the starting role of NFL signal caller.
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Now, Tebow is trying to play baseball; a game he hasn’t played in over a decade.  Even the best MLB players can go through month-long slumps, having been playing consistently for years.  Why does he think he’ll be a success after 11 years away from the game?  Yes, he’s a natural, raw talent.  But it seems like an athlete so obsessed with the bright lights, that he can’t let go.
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What’s wrong with his role as an analyst?  There are plenty of bright lights and eyes on him when he’s on  TV.  So what gives?  Does it smack of ego or is it just a guy chasing a dream to be in the mix, on the field of competition?  I don’t know.
I wish he would’ve made it in the NFL, but he didn’t.  I do look around and see QBs that he would appear to be better than, but NFL coaches don’t agree with me, and they’re the experts.  If he had it, he’d be on a football roster.  But he’s not.
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Heck, we’d all like to follow our instincts and do what we could to go after a dream.  That’s not the real world most of us live in.  But I suppose it is for him.  So, what do you think?  Should he continue to pursue a career in baseball?  Should he return to the television studio?  Do you want him to go for it, or to accept that his days in uniform are likely behind him?  Would love your thoughts.



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